Surfman Marine


mission Statement

Mission Statement

Surfman Marine Yacht Brokerage is focused on providing all of its clients, both buying and selling, a professional and fulfilling experience. Through superior sales and marketing techniques and strategy, boats will be sold quickly and effectively. Utilizing industry networking and knowledge, boats will be located and reviewed and when found to be fitting, presented to buyers for their buying approval. All customers will be of top priority and will be treated with the upmost respect and dignity.



We will earn and maintain the trust of our clients by being personally and professionally accountable to the highest ethical and moral standards. We will conduct ourselves above reproach, with the courage to uphold these convictions.


We will treat everyone with dignity, respect and compassion. We will be responsive to everyone by being caring, sensitive and conscientious.


We will maintain a standard of what is right and proper, free from self-interest, prejudice or favoritism. We will be consistent, objective and direct in our actions.


We will provide quality service with a motivated and dedicated team. Our actions, attitudes and appearance will demonstrate self-discipline, attention to detail and service to our clients.