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Surfman Marine uses the best tools to get your boat noticed by prospective buyers. This allows the boat to be contracted and sold quickly. Using the highest quality HD photography we can paint an accurate picture for prospective buyers. Virtual Reality video is the next wave of video marketing. Surfman Marine has invested in its own Virtual Reality Camera System.

Multiple Online Listing outlets: 

Surfman Marine Uses the industries highest ranking boat and yacht listing sites to insure that your listing is seen by as many potential buyers as possible. YachtWorld, BoatTrader, iBoats, and are just a few sorts in the network. Lastly the social network is a great way to reach boat buyers because boating is naturally a social activity. 

Advanced HD Photos and VR Video:       

When listing a boat for sale the photos and videos that you use are very important. If the photos are of low quality, not in focus or do not show the buyer what they want to see they will simply move onto the next listing. Virtual reality is the cutting edge of video technology it allows a buyer to feel like they are on the boat prior to scheduling a time to come see it in person.



Cliental of Buyers:

Surfman Marine interacts with boat buyers and sellers everyday. Having a list of active buyers is the key to getting a boat listing sold quickly and efficiently. Informing buyers quickly after a boat has been listed allows both parties a timely and less stressful buying experience.

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